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2020 Endorsements

Below are the candidates endorsed by the Hillsborough County LGBTA Democratic Caucus. Click on any candidate’s name to learn more about them.

Joe Biden for President

Kathy Castor for Congress District 14

Alan Cohn for Congress District 15

Margaret Good for Congress District 16

Andrew Warren for State Attorney

Andrew Warren: “I’m so grateful for the endorsement of the LGBTA Caucus. My office is pursuing equality, fairness, and justice – all values shared and championed by our LGBTA friends and neighbors. I look forward to continuing our work and the support of the caucus, it’s members, and supporters will be critical during this campaign. Thank you for all that you do to build up our community and create a safer, stronger Hillsborough.”

Kathey Lewis State Senator District 20

Anthony “Tony” Eldon State Senator District 21

Scott Hottenstein** for State House 57

Scott Hottenstein: “I am humbled to be endorsed by the Hillsborough County LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus. Thank you!  When I’m elected, I promise to be a staunch ally in promoting equal rights for everyone, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, or identity. Although I’ve always been an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, I need to thank many of my former students who inspired me to become more active in my support, whether it was as a Faculty Advisor for GSA clubs at school or marching in Pride events in Tampa and St. Pete. Together, we can work to make Florida a place where everyone is valued and respected.”

CL Townsend** for State House 58

Andrew Learned for State House 59

Andrew Learned: “I’m proud to stand with our LGBTQ community to fight for equality for all.”

Julie Jenkins** for State House 60

Julie Jenkins: “I’m so proud to be endorsed by the Hillsborough County LGBTA Democratic Caucus. I’ve been a steadfast ally of the LGBTA community my whole life. Now, I’m going to Tallahassee to fight for equal rights and equal opportunities in District 60 and across our state.”

Jessica Harrington for State House 64

Jessica Harrington: “Florida for far too long has been on the wrong side of history, especially when it comes to equality. It’s 2020. Why are lawmakers in Tallahassee fighting so hard to deny rights to our LGBTQ community? Just this year, lawmakers filed several hateful bills including: repealing  local anti-discrimination ordinances, making  trans health care for minors a crime and a bill to continue with the dangerous practice of conversion therapy. This must stop. We must elect leaders that will stand up for our LGBTQ community and pass legislation that will protect people, not harm them. I am honored to receive this endorsement.”

Bob Henriquez Hillsborough County Property Appraiser

Nancy C. Millan** Hillsborough County Tax Collector

Nancy Millan: “I am honored to be endorsed by the Hillsborough County LGBTA Democratic Caucus. This endorsement is a reflection of my commitment to equality and dedication to working to ensure that our Tax Collectors staff and the customers we serve are treated with dignity and respect and feel welcomed in our offices.”

Harry Cohen for County Commission District 1

Gwen Myers** for County Commission District 3

Gwen Myers: “I am honored and humbled to be endorsed as the candidate for Hillsborough County LGBTA Caucus for Hillsborough County Commission District 3.  It means a lot to have this endorsement. I look forward to working in a collaborative partnership with HCLGBTA to move our county forward in the coming years.”

Pat Kemp for County Commission District 6

Nadia Combs for School Board District 1

Jessica Vaughn for School Board District 3

Lynn Gray for School Board District 7

Lynn Gray: “It is an honor and privilege to receive the HCLGBTA Democratic Caucus endorsement for my School Board Re-Election bid.  The need for our elected leaders, especially in education, to stand by our LGBTQ+ community is greater now than ever.  There should be a commanding voice among our educational leaders to protect all students and especially insure the LGBTA students receive equal treatment at all times.”

Meredith Abel for City Council Member, Temple Terrace

** Indicates Hillsborough County LGBTA Caucus Member

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