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Jose Vazquez

Jose Vazquez is a genuine man of the people. He has lived a life filled with both success and failure, a life marked by tremendous joy and suffering, but today stands strong, steadfast, and deeply committed to the people of his community. Born in Puerto Rico, he escaped a childhood with tumult, to achieve success in school despite a series of tragic circumstances. As a child he was the victim of sexual assault, which has contributed to him being a sincere voice for victims in the community. After having worked in government in Puerto Rico for many years, Jose moved to Tampa to care for his father, an ailing Marine stricken with cancer. Despite achieving some success with his own private security company, Jose was a victim of circumstance and was briefly incarcerated.

Vowing to correct his life and make a difference for his family and for his community, Jose entered politics and was able to garner 24,000 votes in 2012 with little outside support. In 2016 he ran again this time gathering over 26,000 votes and has come to be known as a staunch advocate for improved access health care, higher wages, and a compassionate and accepting immigration policy. In the special election this December, Jose hopes to earn a chance to represent House District 58 in Tallahassee and help the people of Plant City and Temple Terrace.

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